The Question Everything Hat

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Question Everything I say. When I was little, I always asked "Why" I always wanted to know how and why things worked. Why things were the way they were served to me. This hat is a reminder to question everything, to question what you're being told. We're in a new world of "Truth Decay" where you can find any information to confirm your own bias. Look at things from all perspectives, and see what intuitively resonates with you. Question what you are being fed at all angles.

This is a White Panama weave painted with an @BackDrop "COOL MOON" black. Wrapped in Pendleton fabric strip, a "WHY" pin attached. Hand stitched "Question Everything".

Sizing for this prototype is a 58cm with a leather sweat band that sizes down to around a 57-57.5cm. Sizing foam can be inserted to size it down more.