The One Of A Kind Onken Custom Pyramid Felt Hat

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Pyramid science here is that it blocks the negative energies of radio and other frequencies. It balances the body’s electromagnetic field and assists in the body’s natural ability to heal itself.The detoxification process is further enhanced by plating the pyramid in Orgone layers which alternate active and passive metals and harmonizes the body. 

All Onken Hats are one of a kind custom pieces made for you. Together we create a direction that suits your style and aligns with Onken's vision.

It's helpful if you have ideas of things you like from the @onkenhat instagram.

The normal custom process lead time is 4-6 weeks, however sometimes it may be finished earlier than that. If you need it for a specific event or date, we can discuss ahead of time.

To get started, we’ll need your head size in circumference so we'll send you an email with instructions upon ordering.

Once we have your head size, we’ll want to pick the direction of felt and color. Since the pyramids have a little weight to them, the felt must be a stiffer premium beaver or coypu felt to keep the structure. 

Selenite is one of my signature elements that I include with every hat. It is the highest vibrational stone, meant to draw good vibes into your life amongst other good things!

All other elements are typically rare finds and are different to every hat which makes them one of a kind hats that no one else will have.