Silver Mistic Fire

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This beauty is a sea mist color Premium Beaver felt hand painted with the fire alchemy symbol that shows from above. It has a Gaucho style crown shape wrapped in a favorite Pendleton fabric strip. Yellow gold hand stitched Ankh symbol on the back of the crown and a hand stitched lightening bolt on the front. It has a hand stitched ombre of drips on the back dripping from the top of the crown. The "cool moon" white paint dipped Selenite stick is uniquely attached to the outside of the Pendleton crown wrap. The brim is lightly toasted for some weathered vibes. This hat is high frequency.

This hat is a 60cm sized down roughly to 59cm with the leather sweatband inside. It's easier to size down with sizing foam if you have a smaller size. Stretching it is typically pretty difficult.