Rise of the Phoenix

The Rise of the Phoenix, a theme for my boy drewcanole which is what we integrated into his custom lid here. It’s an expression that goes back thousands of years and signifies rising from catastrophe much stronger and more powerful. You’re tempered in the fire and rise above your circumstance. I feel resonance with this, as I went through some fire and dark times myself over the last couple years, but feel stronger and more powerful myself.⁣

I found this amazing Phoenix pin, torched the tail of it to bring in the ashes. I used the vintage pendletonwm red to yellow fabric strip to signify the fire and the Phoenix rising from it. The lightening bolts signify the powerful energy that comes from the rise out of that fire.⁣

Life is about creating yourself in every new moment. Seeing the obstacles as the way to become a better version of yourself. To become stronger. ⁣